Burgers from Hell Round 2

So, a long time ago we discovered a burger recipe that we absolutely love and it became an easy favorite. We make it from time to time, sometimes on the grill, sometimes on the stove. We make it a lot when we have people over – it’s always a hit.

We made it on Monday night, but this time instead of home made french fries, Mike experimented with a home made onion ring recipe. The were deeelish. If we ever open a restaurant, they’ll be on the menu.

 Onion rings on the stove. Moose offering some cooking tips from her spot on the floor.

 Jalapenoooooooos. We love heat in the Taylor household.

 Spanish onion. For the onion rings, and Mike also sautees them for his burger, but I leave them off mine.

 Onion rings end result.

Ta-Da! =)

Mike usually makes me a 1/4 lb burger and I think he fixes himself a 1/2 lb patty. He melts the cheese over the meat by placing a bowl over each individual burger – something about doing it that way steams the meat for the last few minutes and ensures extra juiciness or something. At least that’s the word on the street.

I think my original post about these burgers details the recipe a little bit more thoroughly (we use a LOT of seasoning…like burn your nostrils for 15 minutes if you stand in the kitchen for too long seasoning…) but the end is definitely worth the means.

Happy Thursday, y’all!

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    yum! i might try these w/ turkey tonight! sounds soo good!

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    That whole thing looks delish! 🙂

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    wow those look bomb

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