How to Change Your Name in SC

So, I was really putting off the whole name change thing because I was dreading spending my day at the necessary government offices. You can read about my last DMV adventure here.

I googled the process and figured out that the first place I needed to go was the social security office. If you’re in South Carolina, you’ll need to take:

1. Your current social security card
2. Marriage License
3. Driver’s License
4. The form from the SS office website for applying to get a new SS card
5. I also took my passport, just in case they needed another form of ID.

I pulled up to the SS office and was OVERJOYED because there were only 2 other cars in parking lot. Naturally I assumed the building would not be crowded and I would not have to wait long to be served. I walked in and almost EVERY seat in the waiting area was taken. And not to go directly to the race place, but they were mostly Mexican. At the end of my story, this matters. Well, not really.

There was also a row of seats to my right. Full up.

I drew a number and patiently waited my turn. Once I was called, it took less than two minutes for me to be issued my temporary card with my new name. When I turned around to leave, the entire room had emptied out and I found myself alone. It was a VERY strange feeling. Where had they all gone?

I walked outside and saw LITERALLY upwards of 20 Mexicans piling into ONE vehicle. With the exception of maybe 3 people in the picture above, they were ALL getting into the same car. UHHH, WHAT? It was baffling. BAFFLING. BAFFLEMENT. I hoofed it to my car and sped off to the DMV on the off chance that they were headed there, too. Didn’t want to have to wait in line behind them twice.

I got to the DMV and was set up with a new license relatively quickly…unless you count the 5 times Miss Food Stamps forgot to send my paperwork from her paperwork checking station to the license making station.

At the DMV you’ll need:

1. Temporary SS Card
2. Marriage License
3. Old license
4. The appropriate forms (they give them to you there and they only take a few minutes to fill out)
5. Form of payment – I think it cost me $10.

I also hadn’t practiced my new signature enough times, which is evident, and as Mike pointed out, it looks like my last name is Raylor. Other than that, (and the zombie flu virus I was incubating at the time) it was a borderline enjoyable DMV experience.

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  1. I hit the SS office and DMV jackpot when I did all that stuff. There were 2 people in the SS office when I went and I got called to the desk at the DMV before I could even fill out the paperwork. It's such a good feeling once it is all finished!

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    When I had to get a new license about a year ago I was littlerally in and out in about 15 minutes. I was STOKED! I am sure that will never happen again

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    so exciting!!

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    You haven't officially become an adult until you have several trips to the DMV and SS office. It's so nice that you posted the things you need, although tomorrow they will change their requirements and not tell you.

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