50 Shades Darker

**edit a few weeks after writing this**

I’ve received quite a few comments on this post and also the original post about the first book regarding common grammar and writing practices. I think a lot of the people commenting are coming here from somewhere in Britain. This means that your understanding of how English works will vary greatly from mine, and we most likely will not read a book like this the same way. For instance, a recent commenter harped on me for using the wrong form of the word “practice.” Read the comments to see what I mean, but in American English, there is only one form of the word “practice.” So get up out of here with your snooty attitude.

“In British English and most other varieties of English from outside North America, practice is the noun, and practise is the verb. There is no such distinction in American English…” – from Grammarist.com

Also, the author of these books is British, which is why I think fellow Brits are so quick to jump to her defense. Now before I get attacked for being an ignorant American, I would like to put it out there that I lived in London for well over 6 years.

*** end edit ***

Alright. I read the 2nd book. And I didn’t hate it as much as the first.

In fact, I was quite pleased with how quickly James picked up from where she left off without much hesitation. This might be troublesome for people who haven’t read the first book, but it’s clearly not meant to be a stand alone novel, so I can’t find fault there.

The writing is still haphazard and the grammar is still cringe-inducing, but I’ve decided that I quite enjoy the love story (kinky-f*ckery aside), and I don’t let it bother me anymore. Also, at this point, Christian has essentially thrown his creepy S&M stuff out the window and agreed to pursue a “normal” relationship (YAYSIES). And much to my dismay, I’m growing fond of the ridiculously cheesy “laters, baby” expression. All of his annoying qualities have suddenly become endearing in the second book. I am mad at the author for accomplishing this.

I read the 2nd book quite a bit faster than the first because I found myself skipping over the sex scenes. They’re repetitive.  And after I’ve read the first five, I found I’ve read them all. I really enjoy the core of the story – learning more about Christian, the turmoil between the two of them, etc.

My biggest problems with book two were James’ hideous attempts to build suspense and thicken the plot. I laughed out loud while reading numerous times, simply because I could not believe how downright SILLY some of it was. Especially the ending. BUT this time, I do not have ANY interest in reading the 3rd book.

Christian and Ana are engaged, which as of right now, leads me to believe they will live happily ever after, no matter what some crazy ex-boss tries to do. I have already learned that Christian is all powerful – so it seems like her “plot twist” in the last chapter has failed itself. I am perfectly content to pretend that the last few pages don’t exist, and that Christian and Ana live in bliss forever. THE END.

So yes, the 2nd book was much better than the 1st, although neither will go on the list of books I recommend to people.

Final Verdict: Easy reads, good for time wasting if you’re not picky about how a book is written, and I would say the vast majority of people probably wouldn’t even notice the problems I mentioned in my original review. I’m sad to admit that I will probably go watch the movies.

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    Oh my gosh. Exactly my reaction!!!!! After reading the second book, I just don't think there's anything that can happen in the third that I actually want to read about. More completely unblievable o's? Probably. More stupid dramatic bs with James… oh sorry, I mean whatever the ex-boss's name is that is clearly the stalker vampire from Twilight 😉 Yes. Is Christian still all powerful, all knowing, and extra sexy? Yes. Is Ana still going to analyze everything down to her belly button? yes. Will they get pregnant and have a baby? Likely. Will Christian be free of the "need" kinky f*ckery forever? yes, I'm sure.All very predictable. I'm good where we stopped.LOVE those someecards. dying laughing.xoxojackieperchedup.blogspot.com

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    Oh girl, I am now in love with the 'laters, baby' saying. Makes me smile every time I see/hear it! Yep, I'm a cheeseball. =)Glad you liked the 2nd book better!! The third is pretty decent too. =)

    • Anonymous
    • May 16, 2012

    Oh girl, I am now in love with the 'laters, baby' saying. Makes me smile every time I see/hear it! Yep, I'm a cheeseball. =)Glad you liked the 2nd book better!! The third is pretty decent too. =)

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    Hope you will read the 3rd!

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    I am in the middle of this book and I don't think it is any better than the first one. Christian is still a controlling douche and Ana is still a stupid, lovestruck girl. The only reason I got the second one and read it is because of the cliffhanger the first one leaves you on.

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    Hmmmm I liked the first book actually, couldn't put it down cause let's face it – a little bit of smutt and a good romantic story don't do any harm. It certainly wasn't the worst 'lit porn' i've read, and would go as far to say this was the best cause it was so unlikely! I have ordered the 2nd book and will read the 3rd as well. I would go as far to say that some people need to lighten up on their criticisms of the book(s) since I'm sure the majority won't have published anything but a few adolescent poems.

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    I cant put the book down…. I think its fun, exciting… and down right DIRTY. LOL I am able to live vicouriously threw ana! LOL

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    Love these books, even all the cheesey stuff! Lol wish orgasims were really that easy!

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    I don't think Christian needs to give up so much of himself. He doesn't do Vanilla relationships so how is it that he gives up his core to be with Anna. He ultimately will not be happy. Trust, once a Dom, always a Dom and unfortunately, this second book makes it seem that changing one's character is as simple as changing socks.

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    Can someone please explain the last 2 pages of the 2nd book. Im a little lost and don't want to start the 3rd untill I understand the last 2 pages. Thanks so muchq

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    Omg same here I cannot figure out the last two pages of the second book either !! Help!

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    The last 2 pages are of Ana's exboss, jack, he's dwelling on what happened so definitely read the 3rd book. I read all 3 but didn't get hardly any details of their wedding ,which disappointed me, and the 3rd book jumps around a lot in the beginning which I didn't care for. enjoy

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    I definitely agree with the comment above mine. And thanks for telling us about the last 2 pages of the 2nd book! Finally cleared up my mind. I'm starting to read the 3rd book. And yes, the beginning's kinda jumpy.

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