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I joined Weight Watchers online as a last ditch effort to not weigh 400 lbs by this Christmas. Does anyone else use WW? What are your thoughts? It’s been three days and so far all I can think about is how badly I want to order a large pizza and eat the whole thing by myself.

So our yard is sort of a barren wasteland. Mike had a bunch of pine trees removed before I moved in, and the soil hasn’t quite recovered from the acidity of 25 years worth of pine needles.

Our house sits on the corner, and our across the street neighbor could seriously win Lawn and Garden “yard of the year.” They have an adorable little flower bed, complete with white picket fence and rose bushes, situated delightfully on their corner. It’s admittedly precious. I decided it was time to bring our corner up to par with theirs, in turn creating a super cute GRAND ENTRANCE to our road.

I’m saving up for a brick fountain.

I don’t have any decent before pictures,  but here is one I ganked from Google street view, taken before the trees were pulled.

Yawn inducing, amiright? I loathe the existance of that sewage drain, but there’s nothing we can do about it. A couple of weeks ago, I went to work turning part of the corner into a flower bed. I started with a shovel, digging up the biggest weeds and trying to loosen up the dirt.

About an hour into it, my across the street neighbor wandered over and told me I was doing it wrong. I am paraphrasing. She was very nice about it and offered me one of her husband’s tools to make the job easier. 5 minutes later, her husband (who is probably pushing 80) wandered over and started helping. Old man knows how to throw his weight around, and within 15 minutes, had literally torn up pretty much the entirety of the lawn where I needed the bed to be. It was the most amazing thing my inherently lazy eyes had ever witnessed.

He suggested I take the water hose to the dirt to soften it up before I dug anything else out, but who has an hour to stand around with a hose making mud? I DON’T. And apparently setting up the sprinkler was WAAAY beyond what I was willing to do for this garden.

Anyway, after a few hours of work, here is what I ended up with on the first day:

It was a long process, but I got the bad dirt dug out and put down some weed killer. After several trips to Lowe’s (and still managing to underestimate the amount of mulch I needed), it looked like this:

And then after some more work, it looked like this:

And on Tuesday I finally bought the rest of the edging. We also planted our baby Bradford Pear Tree. So now here is what we have going on: (the edging around the tree is not going to stay there…it was leftover and I just needed to put it somewhere)

What I planted:

– Azaleas by the road
– Lavender
– Rising Sun Coreopsis
– Lantana
– Ritz Blue Pincushion

I should have at least one thing blooming all the way through the fall.

Also, for my birthday I got two great porch accents:

Pam got me a very pretty blue ceramic pot.

And Paula gave me this mixed arrangement! The heart-shape windchime was a gift from a family friend, and Pam gave me the little sign that reads, “where dreams are planted, miracles bloom!”

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    Wow! Nice work. Not to mention, gardening is supposed to be an awesome work out. Just out of curiosity, why did Mike have the trees removed?

    • LWLH
    • April 27, 2012

    Nice job girl. I have a black thumb when it comes to gardening.

  2. You can join WW online?? I would love to do that, just to have access to the points and such. I don't need a ton of weight gone, but I have a good 15 lbs that I gained from being sick! Let me know how you like it. I would love to hear what you think!BrittSecondhand Magpie

  3. Reply

    I'm impressed with the work you've done so far, especially since I've never been too good at gardening myself. I'm looking forward to whatever else you plan to do or add to that garden.

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