A Grooms Cake Disaster

So, one of the few things Mike actually requested for the wedding was a very specific groom’s cake. I conceded, and actually liked the one he chose. It was funny and definitely suited his personality. The bakery we initially chose to create it ended up not being a viable option due to their location and some other time constraints, so we ended up going with someone local at the last minute.

Here is the cake he wanted:

Now, I know it’s a pretty intricate disaster scene and a lot of people would be hard pressed to recreate it perfectly. That’s not what I was expecting. I was expecting something fairly similar, and after meeting with the baker, I didn’t think I was asking too much.

She lead me to believe that we would have 3 layers of cake and 1 fake top layer (because she didn’t think they’d be able to create the slanting effect out of cake) to make 4 layers total. They’d create the people out of fondant because they didn’t want to chance using plastic figurines and having them be too heavy for the buttercream icing. They would also make the plane out of fondant and would not have a problem recreating the flames and crash site. My maid of honor was with me during this meeting, so I know I wasn’t hallucinating. Mike and I (or at least a bride and groom) would be on the top tier.

This is the cake that was waiting for us at the rehearsal dinner:

First of all, the top tier ended up being made of cake. So what’s the point of using that giant ass column if the top tier is not even going to have the slanting/falling over effect? It’s like some sort of mutant cake. And I don’t know what sort of crash sight has black flames, but maybe they ran out of red and orange food coloring?

Don’t get me wrong, I never ordered it expecting it to look exactly like the photo. But SERIOUSLY? Words could not express how disappointed I was at the horrendous job they did, especially after they made me feel so confident in their ability to recreate the cake we wanted.

If they felt like it was too big of a task, they should have told me.

I also don’t remember requesting that Mike and I look like we need to shed 200 lbs. between the two of us.

This horribly done cake was probably the only thing that went wrong during the whole wedding weekend, and it was one of the only things Mike actually requested. I felt so bad that I let him down. I didn’t have a chance to try a piece, so I’m not sure whether or not the taste redeemed the poor design.

Then a few days later, they called me asking for their columns back. WHAT? Never once in our meeting did they mention to me that I (or any member of my family) would be responsible for getting them back some 5 cent plastic columns from a cake that we paid for. Is that usually how it works?


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  1. WTF?!?!?! You need to write some online reviews about that place ASAP. That's RIDICULOUS. I'm so sorry – but at least that's the only thing that went wrong, could have been worse.Ugh but still, I'm so angry for you right now.

  2. Ohh wow!I so sooo sorry!

  3. The cake was delicious and I still have the top in the freezer, but who ever heard of putting PINK on a Grooms cake?

  4. That is ridiculous. You should've gotten a refund (or at least a partial one). They did a horrible job!! I am no pro (obvi) but I think I could've made a better cake than that!!

  5. Love the pink on the GROOMS cake. They really dropped the ball on that one. And the nerve of them to call you for the columns!

  6. Love the pink on the GROOMS cake. They really dropped the ball on that one. And the nerve of them to call you for the columns!

  7. This is beyond being unable to recreate the cake. This is like going inot a pre-school and asking them to play with play-dough…actually it may come out better. Oh man I would have complained so much!

  8. Oh. my. goodness.That's just awful.As I was staring at it just now, I couldnt even comprehend how heinous it was…but now I CAN'T stop laughing! haha hopefully you'll find the humor in your ugly grooms cake one day? Ahh, man.You could have paid me to do it and it would have turned out better.

  9. NOOOO!!! lol. That is crazy and I would have been calling and having a meeting ASAP. If anyone would want to call that their work and be proud then they have a problem!!! If they could stand in front of you with a straight face after that then they are seriously off their rocker! I'm sorry it was a mess but at least you can look back in a few years and laugh about it.

  10. If I was you, I'd be asking for MY money back. Yeah it may have been a intricate cake to make but this is just a big old FAIL on all parts.

  11. OMG!! I would have not even paid for that!!! holy hell girl. im sorry that happened.

  12. OMG! I would have probably cried and I wouldn't have paid for that I mean are they really a bakery because that is terrible!

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