Our House: Vol XVI

So. BIG THINGS have been going on at the Taylor household. BIG THINGS, Y’all.

As you know, Hubcap and I went on our honeymoon and had a magical time. Of course I mentioned how badly I missed the animals at every turn, constantly asking Mike what he thought Moose might be doing right at that second, but it was a magical time nonetheless.

After a HELLACIOUS day of travel (think 22 hours all together, between flights, layovers, and drive time, and here’s a nugget of wisdom: NEVER FLY THROUGH MIAMI) we made it back to Aiken at about 1:00 in the morning on Sunday. I immediately noticed that our front flower bed had been given a glorious facelift (courtesy of Mike’s mom), complete with new mulch, flowers, and planters. Thanks, Barbara! I am so envious of your green thumb!

We finally got in the house and noticed that our fridge was in the dining room. Naturally that was a little bit suspicious, and upon further investigation we realized that a new, AWESOME fridge (complete with an ice-maker…I DIE) was in its place.

We timidly entered the kitchen and I noticed my mom peaking out from around the corner.  A few seconds later, my cousin Keith emerged from the guest room with a giant grin on his face. Mike and I stood in AWE at the transformation that they had accomplished in only 7 days.

Here is what our kitchen used to look like – (the man is my cousin Kam…surveying the job that was ahead of him)

My cousins Kam and Keith (who are a bit older than I am and really more like super awesome young uncles) drove in to town on Saturday within an hour or so of when Mike and I left for the airport. They immediately got to work ripping out our hideous outdated kitchen, and when we got home on Saturday night, this is what we walked in to:


They’d been plotting this since back in September. Keith and Kam decided it’d made a pretty sweet wedding present. I’d have to say I agree. Keith is a prodigy when it comes to handy work and things of that nature (he owns a business so I guess he’s legit…if you’re in the Tampa, FL area and need some work done, I can totally refer you to a specialist). Kam is pretty handy, too. I think it runs in the family. Not to mention they’re hilarious and hanging out with them leaves me doubled over with laughter. I wish I’d been around all week to spend some time with them.

The craft and energy that the two of them (and my mom) put in to giving us this kitchen leaves me speechless. The tile work is beautiful, perfect, and flawless (and one of a kind, I might add). Everything we’d ever wanted to have, we have now! They installed recessed lights in the ceiling, plus two pendant lights over the bar. The bar which they built, along with an area that houses our wine fridge in its own precious little cubby. They put all of the kitchen lights along with the dining room lights on dimmers, and also re-wired 99% of the electrical fittings in the kitchen and dining room. Plus so much more that I probably don’t even know about. I can’t fathom the amount of work it takes to do a renovation of this magnitude.

All of this was done without our knowledge. They totally took our kitchen and ran with it. It is MORE than we could have ever asked for. And they did it in ONE WEEK.

We cannot thank them enough.

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    Oh my word, this is the best wedding present EVER! I would be the happiest girl ever to come home to this…how awesome are your cousins?!

  2. Reply

    holy crap that is amazingly impressive. i mean, the work alone is gorgeous but the fact that they did it all in just 7 days totally blows my mind!! I know people who have had their kitchens re-done and it took months!!

  3. Can I loan your cousins for a week?:)

  4. Reply

    that is so freaking awesome! it looks great!!

  5. Reply

    Hands down, the nicest wedding gift I've ever seen! That is so sweet of them and I know y'all must be thrilled!

  6. oh my gosh. definitely a jaw drop when i saw the after!! you have the nicest family ever…and the nicest kitchen around now too 😉

  7. Reply

    IM LOVE with your new kitchen!!!!!!!http://infinitelifefitness.comhttp://mscomposure.blogspot.com

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    what a nice mother in law!! gorgeous house!!

  9. Reply

    That is the most amazing thing/ present I ahve ever heard of! Congrats Anna and Hubbykins!

    • LWLH
    • April 6, 2012

    What a transformation and one hell of a wedding present 🙂

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    I'm stalking your blog right now and this kitchen looks phenomenal! That would be an AMAZING present to come home to!

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