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Hello lovers of all things Anna… I’m here to fill in for the lovely MRS. Taylor while she’s on her honeymoon – I’m Annahita from Forever88. I’m not too exciting, but here are the basics… I’m married to the love of my life DJ [danny j.] – we met when we were 13 in gym class… fast forward being friends for fourteen years, we started dating… one month later. we eloped!

I also write about my snuggly pup aka my adorable english bulldog – Oliver
…and I’m currently extremely pregnant with our first baby [a girl! due May 15, 2012]… so I currently complain write about all things dealing with being knocked up
so that’s me in a nutshell. exciting, huh?
so today – I figured I’d give Anna some unsolicited advice about being a newlywed… 
5. sometimes it’s okay to go to bed angry — in the morning things might not seem so bad and it’s easier to laugh at your partner [and yourself] about whatever you were fighting over.
4. take time for your girlfriends – your partner will end up being your best friend and the person you spend all of your time with… it will be easier to stay in that little bubble, but make effort to stay in touch with your friends – take trips with just the girls, call them, email, messenger pigeon – just don’t lost touch.
3. take time for yourself… if even if its just to Target. who am I kidding – especially to Target. take runs, do yoga, eat ice cream – whatever it is you choose to do, find time for yourself.
2. compromise. compromise. compromise. — sometimes its not fun, but in my opinion its one of the best words to have in your vocabulary if you want a happy marriage [other than love and faithfulness clearly]
1. remember marriage like all relationships is a roller-coaster – there will be highs and lows, good days and bad days. all in all, remember the reason you took your vows [and your actual vows] and keep your head up and keep trucking! the best things are the things worth fighting for [and fighting through]!
so that’s that. 
hope you’re having a blast on your honeymoon Mrs. Taylor!
heres to many happy years of marriage!

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    beautifully said!

    • LWLH
    • March 30, 2012

    Great tips!! : )

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    I'd throw compromise in there 7 more times for good measure 😉 Also, speak your mind but mind your tongue. Sometimes I'm amazed at the things I'll say to my Husband but would never say to my coworkers. You can't take some things back!

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