The Shower!

Let the Wedding Recap Posts begin!

Thursday afternoon, one of Mike’s best friends, Rachel, was sweet enough to plan and host a joint shower for the two of us. She sent out adorable invitations, rounded up a TON of wine, and even made some delicious treats, straight off of Pinterest. It was amazing, y’all! I was too preoccupied to take any real pictures and I am totally regretting that now. Oh well.

Me with Leah and Kelsey

 A group shot of the ladies. After a couple hours, a lot of people had left, including the boys. They were off to Charlotte to celebrate Mike’s bachelor party.

Me and Peyton shortly before leaving. You should recognize Peyton from here and here.

Mike and I (thanks to Rachel’s guidance) decided to do a combination “stock the wine cellar” and “Lowe’s gift cards” themed shower and I think we did pretty well. I definitely won’t be buying any wine any time soon.

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  1. Reply

    So pretty! What a lovely shower!

  2. i can tell you had a great shower 🙂 p.s. LOVE the new layout and blog name too!

    • LWLH
    • March 23, 2012

    What a cute shower! 🙂

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    i absolutely adore that shirt and necklace you are wearing! and i can't help but notice that table full of delicious food!what a lovely shower!

  4. Reply

    how nice! that food table looks bomb!

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