So, we’re married now.

I guess I have to start making wreathes for every season and cooking meals that are somewhat edible, right?

The drama queen inside me is a little bit disappointed to admit that our wedding day went perfectly. Many thanks to our moms and awesome wedding planners for making sure of that. Mother Nature even cooperated, and the somewhat menacing forecast of scattered thunderstorms turned out to be inaccurate.

Saturday morning my maids and I woke up nice and early to get our hair and make up done at Edge Salon and Spa in North Augusta, SC. They did a fabulous job, and if you are getting married in the CSRA or just need some pampering, call them up. They’ll take care of you.

Here we are after getting prettified:

And here we are after getting dressed:

The day went by so fast, just like everyone said it would. Almost immediately after zipping up my gown it seemed like I was walking down the aisle toward Mike.

Here we are kissing for the first time as husband and wife:

The wedding party:

And our first dance:

Now I’m in for the daunting task of digging our furniture out from underneath a pile of gifts and cards! Wish me luck…


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  1. BEAUTIFUL!!! Can't wait to see all the pics.

  2. congratulations!!!! you looked gorgeous!! can't wait to see more pics!

  3. Congrats! You looked phenomenal.

  4. yay congratulations!! you are STUNNING wow!! and i love your hair, they did an awesome job!! xox

  5. Oh my God, you looked absolutely perfect and what a beautiful dress! Congratulations!Silken Spirits

  6. Congrats! You looked fantastic on your wedding day!!!!

  7. you are a princess. congrats!

  8. gorgeous!I love your hair and make up although I can't pull off the slick back to save my life.

  9. CONGRATULATIONS!!! You are such a stunning bride! And y'all are gonna have some hot little babies.

  10. Congrats! You look gorgeous!! I love the color of your bridesmaids' dresses!

  11. Holy moly!!!!!!!!!!! You look DROP DEAD GORGEOUS! I am so glad your day went perfectly!!

  12. Wow, you look like a celebrity!!! So beautiful <3 I love your dress and the bridesmaid dresses.

  13. Gorgeous!! Can't wait to see more pics from your big day!

  14. It WAS a perfect wedding and you the perfect bride:) I'm so very happy for you!!

  15. You are stunning! Congrats!

  16. Congratulations!!! What a beautiful wedding…and gorgeous bridesmaids dresses!!Keep Shining,Meghan

  17. Congratulations!!! What a beautiful wedding…and gorgeous bridesmaids dresses!!Keep Shining,Meghan

  18. You looked like a perfect barbie doll. Absolutely gorgeous. Congrats!!!

  19. You look absolutely stunning!!

  20. Oh my word, you look STUNNING! So beautiful!I hope you share many MANY more pictures!

  21. You look beautiful! The bridesmaids dresses are so pretty too! Congrats!

  22. Congrats! How exciting, love the colors and you are all stunning!!!

  23. Congrats girl…you girls look amazing : )

  24. congrats, girlie! sorry i've been blog mia and just now seeing these! you look beautiful!!wishing you the very best in your new endeavors!

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