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A while back, one of the bloggers I follow posted something about bra sizes. Of course, it’s been more than a month now and I can’t remember who it was. If you know, tell me! I’d love to give her credit for changing my breasts’ lives!

She said she went and got measured and was totally blown away by the results. I scoffed. How can you not know your bra size? That’s ridic.

Ladies, if you haven’t been professionally measured…GO! You will not regret it, and places like Victoria’s Secret do it for freesies!

Let’s chat. Here’s a picture of me and my ladies:

Ok, I really don’t have any “cleavagey” pictures. And yes, I retouched my skin in Photoshop. So sue me. I have sporadic acne.

 Here are two that I located on Facebook with a bit more action (and also a bit more cushion for the pushion, but that’s neither here nor there):

 Yes I know this is an awkward photo. And yes, they really are a little bit lopsided.

If you don’t recognize me with an awful blonde dye job, that’s me in the yellow.

Point is – I’ve been parading around under false boob pretenses for most of my adult life. For whatever reason, I always bought bras that were around size 36 or 38 B and I ALWAYS hooked them on the tightest clasp, which is apparently a no-no in bra land.

So, you can imagine my surprise when Miss Priss at Victoria’s Secret measured me and pronounced that I am not a 38 B nor am I a 36 B.


I am a 34…



A 34 D GUYS.

You know what I picture when I hear 34 D?

This. This is what I picture.

That is not what I have.

But, Miss Priss hooked me up with some sweet goodies to take to the dressing room, and low and behold, my ladies were all sorts of comfortable and perky. She told me to hook my bras on the loosest clasp to begin with because at a 34, that should be tight enough. And that’s where the support really should come from, NOT from the straps. And as they get broken in or stretched, that’s when I can start moving to the inner clasps.

And dare I say, I might actually be EXCITED about saddling up the goodies every morning for work!

I only bought one bra for every day use because Lord knows Vickie’s only secret is that she charges way too much for under garments.

Anyway – I feel like a whole new woman.

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  1. That's awesome! I did that last year right before our wedding and they told me I was a 32 C, I was shocked because I did not think my ladies were that large yet. And yes I think of Lindsay too, haha!

  2. Reply

    thanks for reminding me i need to go get is such an investment. ughhh

  3. Reply

    Yeah. I went months thinking I was a 36 C. Nope. 34 DD.I felt like a lard when she told me that. DD just sounds cursed.

  4. Reply

    I've definitely been needing to do this… I've gained some weight and my bras just seem so uncomfortable!

  5. Reply

    holy crap girl! now I feel like I need to go get measured too!

    • asj
    • March 6, 2012

    I have no clue what I am – nor do I want to know in my current large and in charge state!

  6. Reply

    HAHA this post is awesome. The way you type is hilarious like we are having a conversation. And not gunna lie… you convinced me to go get sized. Oh wait, first I should probably save up so I have enough money to even buy one of their bras 🙂

  7. Reply

    hahah I love this! Especially your final comment about her only secret 🙂 so true anyways, I can't do this in fear of being smaller than what I'm actually going with. Be glaD you got so lucky 😉

  8. Reply

    love this post. ive been meaning to go get my girls sized! thanks for the inspiration!

  9. Reply

    love that they offer that at VS!

  10. Reply

    haha I've actually been debating to get measured at victorias secret for a while now I have afew of their over priced bras and panties lol I think u have given me the little push I needed haha thanks

    • Anna
    • March 23, 2012

    OMG! I had the EXACT same experience!!! For yeeears, I was wearing a 38 B and one day I decided to go get professionally fitted for the hell of it. And, the exact same thing happened to me: 34D!!!Needless to say, I bought all new bras in my correct size and the difference has been AMAZING.

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