Excitement in Aiken

So, back on Jan. 30th, the new (and only) Cracker Barrel in Aiken opened up. On Saturday, Mike and I finally made our way over there. As you can imagine, it’s been a MAD HOUSE.

Naturally, I got all dolled up in my Saturday best. It was a Kodak moment in the front yard.

Clearly my Saturday best means unwashed hair, and if you saw me from behind you’d know those jeans needed to spend a few minutes in the dryer. I hate when I get saggy-butt.

 I saw this card and had to take a picture for Annahita and Ollie! Did you get hit by cupid’s arrow yesterday?

Tags: Life of Late

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    I love your outfit! : ) I had to look up Cracker Barrel because I had no idea what it was! Clearly they don't have one here in the Pacific Northwest!

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    I love that you're rockin a fur vest!

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