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Britt @ The Magnolia Pair gave me an award on Friday. WOOP WOOP!

I’m supposed to list 7 random facts about myself. So, here I go! 
1. I’m always a season behind on my favorite shows. Mike and I don’t really watch “real” TV – we stick to Netflix or DVDs. So we watch our favorite shows late – when they come out on DVD or are available on Netflix. That means we generally watch in true marathon style…dedicating an evening or two to getting completely caught up. I love watching it that way! I don’t have patience to wait on a week to week basis, and if I have to wait too long, I’ll just google the episode spoilers and recaps to find out what happened.
2. I am NOT the cuddle monster in our relationship. Mike could spoon all night long and be happy as a clam. I don’t mind cuddling up until the point where I really want to get to sleep. Then I start getting super annoying and crave my own sleep space. 
3. Whenever I drive places, I’m always looking around me for pretty scenery and photo ops. My least favorite thing is driving with someone who refuses to pull over on a whim when I see something that I want to snap a picture of. Actually, my least favorite thing is missing out on a great photo op because it’s the one time I leave my camera at home.
4. I like…really love the movie Stardust. 
5. I have a high alcohol tolerance. 
6. I REALLY hate talking about politics.
7. In high school I pretended to like beer so that boys would like me.
And I’m supposed to pass this award on to some other people but I’m lazy and that’s not happening…notice how my facts got shorter and shorter? Sorry, y’all.

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    I looove number three. It takes me an hour to drive to work, which starts at 7, and I drive north to south so I have the sunrise on my left, and I swear I look at the sky more than the road. I think "Oh, wow THAT'S perfect, I wish I had a camera and could pull over now" and two seconds later "Oh, no no THAT is perfect…" Every couple minutes for the entire hour :)I know a lot of girls that pretended to like beer in highschool, haha.

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