The time my mom and I broke my dining table in half…

Side note: Did anyone else go all day Friday without even realizing it was the 13th?

My mom came to visit, and somewhere between dusting all of the furniture and taking down the Christmas tree, we decided to see what my table looked like with butterfly leaf pulled out.

That’s not what it’s supposed to look like. RIP old dining room table.

The thing would NOT budge. We got it almost all the way pulled out and then couldn’t get it the last inch or so. I even got out the rubber mallet to try and coax it with some tough love. NO LUCK. Eventually after enough tugging and straining, we got it apart. And only broke ALL of the plastic fixtures in the process. Poor little table just completely gave up and quit life. So it’s sitting in three parts in one of the spare bedrooms.


Since it was technically all my mom’s fault, she decided to replace the table for us. The whole dining room got a face lift! YAY.

Yes, I know those light bulbs look totally ridiculous but they’re good for the electric bill (and the environment…)

We went to Hobby Lobby and scored the adorable basket and flowers. The flowers were all 50% off – y’all know how I feel about Hobby Lobby and their sales. (See here, here, or here) HEAVEN. We bought a florist block, I arranged the flowers, and stuck it in the basket with some fake moss.

Moose was an instant fan of the new centerpiece.

I picked out some really nice gold/metallic snakeskin looking place mats at Pier 1 and absolutely adore them. They look maaaarvelous on the dark wood table and with the gold pick-ups in the basket.

We went out to dinner and when we got home we discovered that an accent feather in the centerpiece had fallen victim to ones of Moose’s tyrannical rampages. Sad face.

Stay tuned for the following updates this week:

-Living Room & Dining Room CURTAINS, YAYSIES!
-Hand-built basket cubby (that I assembed all on my own)
-Coat Rack – omg so exciting!

Are you yawning yet?


Compulsive snacker. Bleeding heart. Unhealthy obsession with Tom Hanks and cats. Florida State and Syracuse University alum.


  1. It looks great! I cannnot wait to decorate a real home. Just isn't the same in a college apartment.

  2. looks great! love the new table – and now you have a fun story about how you got it…. I totally would have guilted my mom into buying a new table too. 😉

  3. aww no..well at least you upgraded, everything looks amazing!! can't wait to see the new curtains and cubbies!!

  4. cutest little cat 🙂

  5. You do know that you can get these environmentally/electricity friendly bulbs in shapes that look like regular light bulbs.

  6. Oh my gosh is Moose a new kitty?! So cute!

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