Annahita turns 22 for the 8th time!

Yesterday was my favorite pregnant blogger’s birthday!

You should all stop by her blog and wish her a belated b-day!

Baby J is on the way and I can’t wait to meet her little ZTA legacy!

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    Lol, 8th time??P.S. I had your button on my Blogs of Fame! I now have a specified button size though, so if you'd like to re-send one for me to post then let me know!

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    Haha we tell my friend that all the time when it's her birthday! It is funny to say! XO. Britt The Magnolia Pair🙂

    • asj
    • January 16, 2012

    eeeeeee, you're so sweet. sorry you lost a follower over loving me.AND it was the 7th anniversary of my 22nd birthday! Don't age me more than I am!! I am still clinging to the youth of my twenties for one more year! 😉

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