I feel like I need to clarify…

Last week I posted about the bite incident of 2012. I’ve since deleted the post and it’s related comments because I realized after the fact that my thoughts could easily be misconstrued. I didn’t want to hurt Mike’s feelings. Of course I realized this after said feelings had already been hurt.

I got quite a few comments and emails about the situation and feel the need to clarify three things:

1. Mike would never abuse our pets.
2. Mike would NEVER abuse our pets.
3. I love my pets more than is socially acceptable.

I think the point I was trying to make in the post was that I didn’t know whether Bella bit him out of fear or anger. They are two totally different scenarios. I was hoping it was out of fear and a result of Mike’s raised voice combined with the fact that she KNEW she was in trouble (she’s well aware that trash-digging is frowned upon and gets sulky as soon as she realizes she’s been caught. She’s a smart dog, y’all), and NOT that she was being aggressive for the sake of being aggressive – because that is totally out of her character and I really don’t think she’s got any sort of mean-ness in her. I know now that it was the former and even though I can’t completely walk away from the fact that she bit a person, I know that it’s fixable and won’t happen again.

I wasn’t questioning Mike’s actions/reactions, and I know that he wouldn’t ever intentionally hurt Bella. He trains Bloodhounds on a daily basis. He’s the one that picked out both of our kittens. He is the most soft-hearted man I know, and when he’s not doing something masculine or disgusting, he’s cuddling on the couch with me and the cats. Because he’s that great.

When I first posted about the bite, I was really sad. Sad because I wish I had been there to let Bella know that we love her even if she was in trouble for eating the trash. Sad because I wish she hadn’t bitten Mike, and sad because as much as I wanted to make both of them feel better, I couldn’t. Bella is my baby and no matter how much trouble she gets in, I always apologize to her – I HAVE to make sure she knows I love her. That’s so important to me. So that was the dilemma – being angry at her about the bite, but feeling the urge to let her know that I still love her.

Anyway, it was never about what Mike did. It was about what Bella did.

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    • asj
    • January 12, 2012

    I completely get it – I think I'd be the same way if Ollie bit someone/especially DJ – it's hard because you love them both!but let's get real and onto the important stuff — how adorable is mike laying on the floor cuddling/playing with buffalo… VERY FREAKING ADORABLE.

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    Aww what an awful situation! But hey it happens, unfortunately dog vs human understandings dont get solved the same way as human vs human understandings because we dont speak the same language. Maybe in the future they can invent a translator so we can clear every misunderstanding even if it is with a dog, hey they have feelings too right?

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    Oh…you're so adorable. Sometimes we think we are so clear and don't realize till we get feedback that what we said was misconstrued. I know this first hand…not dog related … but my son's wedding. Biggest freakn disaster of my life … a real family drama and relationship changer. Was Mike upset with you? I'm sure he knows deep down you love him loads. Just the fact that you're worried enough about it to remove the post speaks volumes.As for anybody else … who cares…. I hope all is okay with you … I've been bitten by my dog several times and it was always when he was terrified and freaking out or in pain. Even those times I should have known better than to stick my hand out …but natural reaction is to help.Smile! P.S. if you want to hear a doozie about my wedding toast … email me.. đŸ™‚

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    I do the same thing. I always feel like it makes sense in my head, then I realize it could be taken a different way. I knew what you mean đŸ™‚ XO. Britt The Magnolia PairđŸ™‚

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