Christmas Eve Eve

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Friday night we spent at the Horton’s. They live two doors down from us, so it’s really nice to just be able to walk on over whenever we’re ready without much planning. I did make the dessert for the night. Apple Pie Enchiladas. The dinner was Mexican themed. My fave. I didn’t take any pictures of it.

We always have a lot of fun when we go to Mike’s sister’s house. The conversation is good, the jokes are funny, and the house is warm. Not to mention there are always like 13512461 animals around, which I love. Mike had a headache all night, though. And now he feels achy. I hope he isn’t getting the Flu.

 We took some family snapshots. The lighting was dim and I don’t think they came out very nice.

 We played spoons (card game) on the floor. The kids loved it – even though they usually lost early on. I won the first round and Mike won the second. We’re a power couple.

Jamison got to open some of his presents. He was more interested in ripping the wrapping paper.

Then I took some pictures in front of the tree –

 Olivia and Porter

 Olivia and Jamison

 Logan and Static. I can’t wait for the day when Gena shows this picture to his first girlfriend. HA.

 Jamison and Logan

 Olivia and Jamison

 Gena and her new babies, Gracie and Kato.

 Jamison and his beautiful Mama, Irish.

And last but not least, Mr. Green! We watched him for a day or so for some friends of ours. They surprised their daughter on Christmas morning. We keept him until the time was right. =) He’s sweet and adorable, but he is such a busy body. Kittens require much less supervision. Plus he whined his little heart out when we put him in the crate. I just didn’t trust him enough to leave him out all night!

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    absolutely gorgeous pictures. the Horton house looks like a great hangout!!

    • Anonymous
    • December 27, 2011

    absolutely gorgeous pictures. the Horton house looks like a great hangout!!

  2. Reply

    oh my gosh. i would LOOOOVE to watch that puppy for a day or so!

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