Best Daughter Award

goes to me.

Did you guys have a good Christmas? What was your favorite present? I’ll do a holiday weekend re-cap post (or two) starting tomorrow!

Last weekend I drove up to my mom’s in VA to be her date for her office Christmas party. My mom loves showing me off to the people in her office, and pretty much every single one that I met told me they felt like they already knew me. That’s how much she talks about me. A lot.
Here’s a picture of me and my mom. I’m the one in the black dress. And yes, I’m wearing panty hose. KATE MIDDLETON WEARS THEM, Y’ALL!

It was a lot of fun. I’m fairly certain I drank the bar’s entire stock of White Zin. That still didn’t get me out on the dance floor. I’m sort of a wet blanket when it comes to dancing. I’m way too aware of how ridiculous I look to let go and have fun. My mom on the other hand…

knows how to bust a move or two.

She’s also kind of a big deal. Yep…that’s her face on the fake poker money. My sparkly Jessica Simpson heels were a lot of fun to wear with my sequin dress, but they KILLED my tootsies. I changed into a pair of flats as soon as we left.
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    • becky
    • December 27, 2011

    You are a good daughter and you looked beautiful. I'd love to be Kai's date sometime…she probably gets embarrassed as I love…love…love to dance. Glad you had a great weekend. We did as well.

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