Miss Peyton turns 1

Baby Dragon’s birthday is coming up, so Renee asked me to take her 1 year portraits last weekend. We had a pretty solid game plan as far as what style photos she wanted, and even some specific staging ideas. Yea…that worked out. Peyton had other plans – and even though she spent the majority of the photo shoot zooming back and forth between eerily happy and down right angry, we still managed to capture some sweet moments.

Here are some of my favorites. Did I mention I got PAID to take these? Yea. Big Leagues, y’all.

 She HATED the balloon.

I love little Miss Peyton. Happy Birthday, sweet girl.

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    • asj
    • December 19, 2011

    she is beautiful and those pictures are amazing! when are you going to come to GA to take our family portraits? meet halfway? I'll pay you in bulldog kisses… okay and cash.

  1. Reply

    She's adorable! I'm kinda in love with that balloon photo. It's such a great moment.

  2. Reply

    Such beautiful photos! Of course, you had the prettiest model ever.

  3. Reply

    my favorite is the one with her crying eating the cake. i think that will sum up her future to her parents. they should beware!well done!!

    • Kar-N
    • December 30, 2011

    that baby is adorable!

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