Visiting Knoxville

MY weekend was just delightful, thanks for asking! I ventured up and over to Knoxville, TN so visit with Leah and Taylor for the weekend! It was about a 5 hour trek, but SO worth it. (Even though I didn’t get to go on a blate with Lauren! Sad face.)

If you follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or FourSquare, this post is going to be a little redundant. SORRY.

Here’s an iPhone photo re-cap of the weekend. =)

 Apple Julep from the Apple Barn!

 The Three Amigos at the aquarium. I sneakily took this pic of the screen before the evil teenager behind the desk was on to my plan. $15 for a 4X6 print? I think NO.

 Apple fritters and apple butter.

 So fresh.

 Pretty lights in downtown Knoxville.

 Apple Pie Martini

 Leah and Me at Blue Coast Burrito Margarita Loft

 Me and Taylor practicing our model faces…

 The Apple Barn

 Leah and I played darts at Cool Beanz

Taylor caught me being the paparazzi…

Anyway, it was a super fun weekend and I hope I get to go back and visit again!


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  1. hahaha, Anna, love… this post is fabulous. the fact that you took the pic from the screen is so beyond amazing I can't even explain. you are one sneaky clever girl and i love it. lol. adore this. xo. follow back?

  2. bring me too applewoods it looks amazinnggg <3

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