redesigning the blog. Again. I was sort of missing the classic header & column style, so I think I’m bringing it back.

Anyway, did I mention how AWESOME the weekend was? We got some serious wedding biz accomplished:

  • Ordered the invitations (they’re presh…so excited). I can’t wait to see them in real life!
  • Got our Save the Dates stuffed into envelopes and ready to mail. (I designed them myself so don’t laugh at them if you get one).  Mike was a grand helper and stuck some of the return and address labels on, so if they’re crooked…you can thank him. I love my Feefycakes but he doesn’t exactly have an eye for detail. =P
  • Met with the DJ and Florist and decided on bouquets, boutonnieres/corsages, etc.
  • Finalized table arrangements and ceremony/reception decor. It’s going to be MAAHVELOUS! I’m not spilling any deets, so you’ll just have to wait and see!

Then on Sunday I got to FINALLY see the bloodhound puppies. We got there during nap time so they were EXTRA cuddly and wuvable.They are just starting to open their eyes! They were all grunty and fussy and I seriously thought about putting one in my pocket and taking it home with me! Then I got puppy poop on me…definitely not my favorite moment.



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    Love those sweet faces! And the new look! I'm fickle about my blog look too. It's forever changing. And I'm forever stressed about it.

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    puppy poop is a part of is puppy pee, vomit, etc.this just got gross. but those dogs are adorable.

    • asj
    • November 8, 2011

    so fun – you definitely have some blog ADD, I love it. what do the save the dates look like?? nosey minds want to know! I guess I can just wait until mine comes in the mail, haha 🙂

  3. Reply

    your design skills are seriously impressive. i'm sure the save the dates are gorg. 🙂

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    Love the current layout of your blog! It's so neat!I love the puppies! How did you not walk away with all of them? Aaah, I die!

  5. Reply

    So cute! I love my puppies!

  6. Reply

    i like the simple layout! and those puppies are so cute!Lindsay

  7. Reply

    Dying, those puppies are adorable!Don't forget to enter my Shabby Apple giveaway

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