Are you kidding me?

Blown away, I tell you. Absolutely BLOWN AWAY.

First of all, I am SHOCKED and DISMAYED to learn that apparently “Green” wasn’t ever told that “Q” and “G” are not interchangeable.

Also, regularly doubling up on characters, whether it be the ampersand (&) or letter at the end of a word is both pointless and annoying, unless of course you are trying to emphasize that you have a stutter. This practice is only acceptable in a handful of scenarios, for example making a funny noise (MERRRRRRRR), or spelling an onomatopoeia (BAAAAANG!)

I admire New Girlfriend for at least having a light grasp on the concept of capitalizing an “I.”

The boy’s comment really requires a blog post of its own. WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON THERE. Am I reading hieroglyphics? I don’t even want to think about how long it takes him to type anything. Literally EVERYTHING he writes on Facebook looks like this. Oh, you need proof?

At least he forgives easily (this is the same girl from the first image)


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