Visiting Helen, Georgia

This post is going to be picture heavy.

The weekend was a success, y’all. And by success, I mean “bank account emptying, beer coma inducing, day full of riotous laughter.”

We drove up to Helen on Friday as soon as Mike got off work. Naturally, the day full of glorious sunshine turned to torrential rain the minute we got on the interstate. It rained the WHOLE 4 hour drive there and into the morning. But when we got up at 9:00 to go to breakfast, it was gorgeous outside.

 Our digs for the weekend – the Hofbrau Riverfront Hotel
Renee, Me and Rachel
Joe and Mike – had they figured out the puzzle, we would have won a free round of put put. They didn’t figure it out.
 Jeff and Rachel =)
All in all, a WONDERFUL weekend. =) 
I was in picture taking HEAVEN. If you’re planning on visiting Helen, here are some tips –
1. Get a refillable boot or mug.
2. a- Don’t buy your refills at the Bier Garten. Buy them at Paul’s down the street and across the river. They’re $4 cheaper there. 
b- they WILL fill your boot/mug with things other than beer. Don’t be afraid to load that baby up with margarita. It’ll be worth your while.
3. Order a hot pretzel with beer cheese. Your mind will be BLOWN. 
4. If you want to eat dinner at Old Heidelberg, be prepared for their rude waiters and refusal to substitute items on the menu. Also be prepared for a hefty bill at the end of the meal. ALSO be prepared for the best wiener schnitzel this side of the Alps.
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    • asj
    • October 31, 2011

    looks like a blast, so sad I missed it! DJ had such a good time too, I'm scared to look at our bank account to see how much money he spent… oh boy.

  1. Reply

    OMG. those pictures are divine! well done lady!so glad you had a great time. and i am pretty sure i would be donzo after a boot of margs.

  2. Reply

    A little bite of Germany, I love it and I LOVE the fall colors!

  3. Reply

    I've been to Helen before too and I loved it! One of the nights we went to a different restaurant than the one you mentioned, but we also had terrible rude service…maybe that's the norm there 🙂

    • Anonymous
    • October 31, 2011

    WOW- What gorgeous photos! The colors of Fall are just gorgeous & you have definitely captured that beauty. I love the outfit you wore (plaid top). Looks like a perfect weekend 🙂

  4. Reply

    Looks like a great weekend. I don't know exactly where that is…guess that's cuz I'm on the opposite side of the universe. it reminds me of a town near the coast here called Solvang…close to Santa Barbara. Thanks for the tips, though, if I ever find myself there I'll bring my own boot …would that be “cowboy boot” or “riding boot” ?

  5. Reply

    Wow.Seriously, I can not get over how BEAUTIFUL these whitish are! The colors are so vivid and… just wow!I need to go to Helen someday 🙂 It looks like you its had a great weekend! You are gorgeous Anna!

  6. Reply

    Hey, great pictures! Very fall like 🙂

  7. Reply

    I wish I lived closer to Helen, GA! Only 3 hours and 40 minutes, though. I think I could make a weekend out of it next year. I love the photos!!

    • Kim Wells
    • November 2, 2011

    I love picture heavy posts! That looks like loads of fun.

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