The Seasons

I think more than a few people will agree on me with this one – I’m fickle.

I am the literal embodiment of the saying, “you always want what you can’t have.” And I’m not exclusively referring to material things. Although I’d love to have a 2012 Mercedes MLK.

I’m talking about wanting straight hair when you have curly hair. Wanting to be taller or shorter. Wanting Bush back when you have Obama. Wait, what? lol

I’m talking about the seasons.

When it’s the middle of summer and the heat is so stifling that I can’t even walk outside to the mail box without breaking a sweat, ALL I can think about is how badly I want it to be fall. In the fall, when it cools to the mid 70s FINALLY, all I can think about how is winter – being able to see my breath, frost in the mornings, and the hope of at least one snowboarding trip. But then in the winter, when my finger tips are numb, I have to scrape my windshield before going to work, and EVERYTHING around me is dead and bare, I crave the spring. It’s a vicious cycle.

Then there are mornings like this morning –

 It was beautiful – plain and simple. And I was immediately happy to be exactly where I was at that moment.

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    i am like that too sometimes (beautiful picture by the way!)…seasons can be crazy, especially when it's between two of them (it's 75 degrees in N.C. today and tomorrow the high is 45 degrees…??), but overall, they are beautiful blessings. i love this post and the idea of acceptance it encompasses!

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    I'm the same way sometimes. But every now and then you just have to embrace the moment.

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    i am exactly the same way about the seasons — i can never make up my mind which one is "my favorite season". if you ask me in summer, i'll say fall.. if you ask me in fall, i'll say summer. oh well.. i think being fickle is more fun anyway 😉

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    Gorgeous picture! Any time it's not over 100 here is a good day…:)

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