There’s something about Mommy

This morning on the way to work I found my thoughts drifting away from the day ahead. Mike and I were planning on heading up to my mom’s tonight after work, but because of the long drive and short weekend, we decided not to. The yard needs to be mowed one last time, and I really need to clean the house – Bella is shedding her summer coat and it looks like we live in a fur factory. GROSS.

Then I got sad. Because I was really looking forward to being at my moms. For some reason it just always feels so nice to be there. Her house is always warm. It’s always clean. It always smells good and not like yesterday’s dinner. She always cooks for me and makes sure I’m comfy, and even though I never actually lived at the house in Deep Creek where she lives now, it feels more like home to me than anywhere else. Probably just because that’s where Mommy is.

She always has the best holiday decorations, too. I feel bad for my future offspring because I was not bestowed with the Christmas Tree genes like she was.

 This is going to be the first holiday season that I won’t be opening my presents on Christmas morning at my mom’s house. I guess that’s a part of growing up. We’ll be in Aiken with Mike’s family for the holidays. It’s such a strange notion – this whole joining another family and splitting time between the two. Can’t I just stay a daughter forever? Why do I have to make this transition to wife? I refuse to grow up.

What’s even scarier is thinking about the day when Mike and I will be hosting the holidays…the day when I’ll have to provide traditions for my kids to look forward to year after year. I don’t even know where to begin.

I have been incredibly blessed to have two parents who love me and shower me with whateverthehell I want. And starting in March, I’m going to have to depend on the Feef to get me presents on non-holidays. I don’t know if I’ve got him trained well enough just yet.

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    This is SO sweet! You said everything I felt in my first year of marriage PERFECTLY! Someday you'll feel that cozy, at home feeling with your in laws as well 🙂

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    Of course I'm going to comment on this post….I still can't get over how you sound so much like Kai…..I'm sure your mom feels as I do , and it makes her so happy to hear that you still want to be with her and home is where she is. As a mom, it's really hard when your kids move away…you look forward to the holidays together so much.

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    This is me again…you're going to think me weird I'm sure….but just discovered how to grab a button to my new blog. Such an accomplishment for me….a lot of googling. Just wondered if you have one…cuz I so like your site.

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