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Guys – I got an iPhone on Friday. FINALLY. I don’t know why I didn’t get one to begin with. I’m such a die hard Apple girl!

I swear by my Macbook, adore my iPad, and now I have a sweet little phoney phone to top off a delightful trio off Steve Jobs witchcraft!

You bet your booty I was in line on Friday at 7:45AM outside Verizon and was the TWELFTH person in and out of the store with a spankin’ new razzly dazzly iPhone! Mrs. J already sent me a list of her favesies, so I spent all day familiarizing myself with Apps like Instagram, Sound Hound, Evernote, and Pinterest. I also tested out the new RunKeeper app – I loved the CardioTracker app on my Droid but I think this one will be an adequate replacement.

POINT IS – if you have an iPhone, I want to know the “must-have” apps, the secrets to getting the most out of my battery life, things you only learn by having an iPhone – TELL ME EVERYTHING.

Here are some Instagram shots –
Because I’m too busy playing with my phone to write a real post…

I know what you’re all thinking. Thank GOD she has another way to take pictures of her pets!!!!!!!!!!

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    • Alex
    • October 18, 2011

    Jealous – I can't wait to get back to the States and get an iPhone. Having a phone without internet here sometimes feels tortuous – or just 10 years regressed. Anyways, definitely get the app for your bank. I also loveee Doodle Jump, even if you don't like games it's a must.

    • asj
    • October 18, 2011

    hooray iPhones & instagram – I'll be sure to pass on more apps as I come across them, hope you'r enjoying the recommendations! 🙂

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    I don't have an iPhone yet but I am dying for one! Too bad sprint didn't have them when I got my new phone 2 months ago- totally jealous 🙂

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    I wish I had an iphone! And there is nothing wrong with taking pictures of your pets!Ps. who did you pictures for you in Beaufort? It's always great to here people coming to my neck of the woods!♥

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    i JUST got one as well! on friday! i am in love with it and like you, i'm not sure why i haven't gotten it sooner!Okay as for apps (i have had an ipod touch for a while with apps) I really like my "to do" list app (which they now kind of have on the iphone) and the blogpress (blog publishing) the redfin to look up real estate (dreaming) and the 8mm for vintage videos.have fun!Lindsay

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    I can see who got the first photo session. My 2 sons both got one Friday as well. I LOVE my MAC as well. It helps to have kids who are in the know and can recommend. They talked me into going over to MAC and I love it. Looking to get an IPAD…and, when my phone is due for an upgrade, I'm getting an IPHONE….that is if VERiZON still offers it.

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    How does Instagram manage to make every picture look good??? HOW??? I wish I could Instagram life. (I have no idea what that means.)

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    What lovely photos and a fun trip! ps I LOVE instagram haha sooo so soooo much Lovely Little Rants

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    I have the same glittery nail polish! Absolutely love the gold 🙂

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