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After the concert on Saturday night, I was still hungover and SO drained. I think everyone else was pretty tired too, so we stayed up for a little bit telling stories but eventually just went to bed without making the jaunt to the bar as planned.

Sunday AM my mom drove up from SOVA and took us to brunch. I was still hungover from Friday. It was UN.BE.LIEVABLE. The food was delish, but my appetite was absent. After we ate, we shopped. After we shopped, I went to the airport and flew home. The sun was setting right as my connection took off from Atlanta and it was SO beautiful to be up in the sky at that moment in time. I didn’t have my camera. It was the the overhead compartment and I was angry.

But we did take this picture in the mall.
And I took these pictures before I boarded…

 This girls hair was BRIGHT orange.

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    I hate the brand ´SOVA´. Well, brand or whatever it is, I just hate it. Just so you know, sova means ´owl´ in my motherlanguage and everytime I read about it, my mind goes like WHAT THE..?!

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    great photos you managed to capture anyway! and you changed your layout AGAIN! geez lady you never stop! hahahaxox

    • Rach
    • September 30, 2011

    You look pretty damn good for being hungover! I am jealous of your graphic design layout abilities.

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