Things have been pretty quiet around here lately. Saturday marked exactly 6 MONTHS until Mike and I are officially Mr. and Mrs. I’m so excited.

Friday I ordered my new business cards for Aiken Heart Photography. Before I showed the guy my design, he asked what I was getting them for. I paused for a minute before I answered him. I was almost EMBARRASSED to tell him. It was a weird feeling. I was worried he might laugh at me. Or judge me. Or not take me seriously. I told him it was for my photography business, and instantly felt proud of myself.

He didn’t outwardly scoff or anything, in fact, he told me his dad was a semi-professional photographer, and I in turn told him SO IS MINE, OMGSH COOL!

I’ll post a picture of the design later this week when I get them in.

Until then, here are some self portraits I did on Friday after work. It was the first day of PERFECT boot weather. 66, windy, overcast – fall is really trying to make a statement and I love it!

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    Ah, the one on the stool is my FAVE! I mean they're all fantastic, because you are a beautiful girl, but it's so natural and carefree – I love it!xoxo,Let It Be.

    • asj
    • September 20, 2011

    so fun! can't wait to see the business cards!

  2. Great pictures, cannot wait to see the business cards!

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    love the last one!! 😀 Can't wait to see the cards!

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    i love the stool one 🙂 and i looove your hair. pretty waves :)xox danathewonderforest.com

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    6 months is going to FLY BY! and you are stunning!!!!!In our sea of love

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    Your beautiful! Where did you find your jean jacket? I been looking everywhere for one like that!

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    You look gorgeous! Ahhh weddings! I'm going through the craziness as well!

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