Why is it always Monday?

It was a busy weekend, I mean, aside from all the time we spent watching movies on the couch, it was NON STOP GO GO GO. It’s always like that when my mom comes to town. Unbearable, really. All the eating out for dinner and not having to do my laundry can be exhausting, so exhausting that I didn’t even take a single REAL picture all weekend.

 I came home on Thursday to a destroyed pair of flip flops. Because apparently taking Bella on a mile run every morning is just NOT ENOUGH EXERCISE,  not to mention the 4621126 toys we constantly have laying around the house…

 I also had to send Mike a picture of the lawn mower’s air filter, so naturally I figured a size comparison would be helpful.

And after a busy weekend, I unwound with a Rita Trio at Outback. Because life is hard.

I guess I win the “Most Boring Monday Post EVER” award, huh?


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  1. Hahaha not boring at all! The Rita Trio sounds like it was a good call. Love Outback!

  2. Reply

    DEFINITELY not the most boring!

  3. Reply

    paha.that sucks about the flip flops!

  4. Reply

    Rita Trio?! how have I never heard of this. I want.sorry about the flippy flop, how do you know it was Bella? I blame the cat.

  5. Reply

    there is always something better to play with than toys. all kids and pets approve 🙂

  6. Reply

    you are never boring!xo danathewonderforest.com

  7. Reply

    I could use one of those trios right now. Mondays suck balls.

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