Baby loves to grill

My mom got in town late Thursday night after fleeing the menacing shadow Hurricane Irene has cast over Norfolk. She brought her two terriers with her, so we’ve got a full house of fur babies this weekend! Buffalo is less than thrilled about the temporary new additions. Poor kitty.
Now onto older news…
The Feef got a new grill as an early birthday present. So Tuesday he cooked us up some eatz.
I know our yard is a disaster. Not anymore, we cleaned it!
So many knobz…
His steak. My chicken.
I wuv my Roo.
I guess you know it’s time to mow the lawn when you can’t find your dog through the bahiagrass…

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    Yummmm, that's basically the gift that keeps on giving 🙂 You take such amazing pictures like it is nbd.

  2. Yeay for a new BBQ!! I love all of your pics.P.S LOVE your blog and I am about to browse through all of your old posts 😉 +followed

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    Great shots! Love the picture of the grill. Sounds like a great time!Just found your blog! Love it :)xoxo

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