Double (blind) Date

If you know mine and Mike’s story, you know we found eachother online. So clearly I don’t have any problem risking abduction/torture and meeting someone from the internet in real life.

After moving to Aiken, I signed up on a website called Meet Up. Essentially, it’s a somewhat creepy and yet super convenient way to connect with like-minded people in your area. To make a long story short, I emailed a girl, we messaged on Facebook, and finally made plans to go to dinner on Wednesday night with our significant others. She’s also engaged to be married (they’re tying the knot the day after my birthday next year!), has an affinity for scrapbooking, and probably loves her dogs just a little too much. PERFECT BFF MATERIAL.

*I did mention my blog to her in passing so hopefully she doesn’t read this post…awkward.*

Anyway, we met for dinner at one of the Feef’s favorite local haunts and indulged in some greasy bar food and happy conversation. What diet?

We were there for about 2 hours, and the men ended up carrying the majority of the conversation. They’re both pretty funny guys, which works out because I’m super awkward in social situations. ANYWAY. It was fun. It was my first real social interaction in a long time. And I’ll let you know if they ever contact us to hang out again.

Being a grown up is hard. Here are some pictures of me before we went to dinner. Can you tell I like this shirt?

He’s always so happy to be in photos for me…

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    Such cute pics. Me and my man met online lol

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    so cute. you're ballsy. come to atlanta, we'll play! I won't abduct you and I love my dog way too much!

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    I just joined Meet Up in Columbus. Let's hope any future encounters of mine have the same not horrifying result as yours! ha. And being a grown up is hard- especially trying to meet "BFF material" in a new place. Boooo. Good luck though! haha

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    go you! i would seriously have an axiety attack if i were to meet up with someone i didn't know like this, hahai love love your outfit, too!

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