Macro Monday

Warning: this post is photo OBESE.

I ran 1.1 miles in 11 minutes this morning. Considering I haven’t been running since May and only went to the gym a handful of times in June, I’m pretty excited about this. I was prepared to run 1/2 mile and then walk the rest when I got up this morning. My goal for the week is to run a mile every morning, and then next week up it to 1.5 miles, and then 2 miles the week after that.

I also have a very odd bump/bruise on my elbow with absolutely no clue as to how it got there.

What is it with bloggers and alliteration? Like…Fun Follow Friday, Wordless Wednesday, Thrifty Thursday…etc. We love it!

Anyway, yesterday I spent some time at Hopeland Gardens exploring with my macro lens. I don’t use it as often as I’d like to because it’s so sensitive and takes A LOT of patience to get a shot that’s not blurry. Unless I have a tripod. I love it though. The Feef got it for me as a Christmas present and it takes beautiful pictures.

Happy Monday, y’all! Sorry this post is so…rambled.  (Combination of random and jumbled? IDON’TKNOW).

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    beautiful shots, I need to get a macro lens!

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    Hahaha this post made me laugh. I love random stream of thought blog posts. Also great pics! I just found your blog via your Microscope Heart post on Vitch- really loved that post. I'm glad it lead me to your blog!

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