Days go by

I cannot believe it’s already almost September. The holiday season is fast approaching and I’M SO EXCITED.

Anyway, here’s a quick house update for anyone who’s interested.

Friday was REALLY productive…like, productive on a level that I’ve never experienced before. And I did it all by myself! Mike has been MIA thanks to some retarded escaped prisoner in a neighboring county. So his dog team, along with 2 other dog teams, have been working hour on end to wrangle up this creepy SOAB.

Since I had a few hours alone for the first time in a while, I did some major house work.

I worked on getting the “real” guest room set up, and then turned the “fake” guestroom into our office.

Guest Room –> Office
First it looked like this:

Then it looked like this,

I had to move this white desk in here in order to make it an office. (see it over in the corner?)

It’s big and heavy. And our hallway is narrow. And our doorways are narrow. And it was HARD WORK.

I hung one of Mike’s dad’s paintings up on the far wall.

And you can barely tell, but I hung my diploma up next to the white desk. The white desk is primarily my stuff, and the brown desk in the 1st picture is Mike’s stuff.

Storage Room –> Bedroom –> Guest Room
We used this room as our bedroom while we were working on the renovation. Now it’s a super big and cozy guest room for anyone who wants to come stay!
First, it looked like this,

I never took a picture of it when we used it as our bedroom for the inbetween stage. But now it looks like this –

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    Wow! You have done an excellent job!!

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    Everything is coming along so nicely! Great work you two!!

    • Anonymous
    • August 21, 2011

    Everything is coming along so nicely! Great work you two!!

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    oh wow, the home makeover looks amazing!! loving the colors you use.

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