Ansel Adams Saturday

Today we are celebrating the Feef’s brother in law’s Birthday. Steve’s a good guy. We’re hanging out at the lake with the family. =)

In unrelated news, here are some photos I took.


 Jackson Hole, WY

 Teton National Forest, WY

 Teton National Forest, WY

Vatican City, Italy

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    These are beautiful! have fun at the lake!

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    I love your photography! It's gorgeous! By the way, I think I fixed my button, but could you try it again?? haha If it doesn't work I'm just deleting it and giving up!!

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    Girl, these are B-U-T-ful!!! ("beautiful" not "butt full") haha!! 🙂

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    Wow, those are amazing! Great captures!In our sea of love

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    your pictures are amazing!! You do amazing work! I only wish i could take such gorgeous pictures!

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