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I’m so excited to be featured at Vintch today for her Microscope Heart Friday installation! 

Rain is one of those things I never miss. In South Carolina, we can go days, weeks even, and sometimes longer without a drop. I’m used to it. Considering how well-known the south’s afternoon storms are, it is surprising how frequently we can last without one. Rain is something I’m never really aware of when it’s been missing for a while. I don’t sit around and wonder when the next storm will come. Because of the humidity, it almost always seems to me like we live in a tropical rain forest, even when it’s been dry for a while.


But then there are those days, few and far between, that I get caught in a summer rainstorm. And even more rare are the days that I get caught in a summer rainstorm and don’t curse the heavens for ruining my plans. It is on those infrequent days when I actually welcome the rain that I feel genuine peace. When warm, wet drops of water hit my skin and send tingles up my spine and goosebumps down to my toes. When I forget about how crazy my hair is going to look in 10 minutes. When I decide not to be angry about ruining my leather sandals, or when I stop caring about leaving my umbrella at home. Days when I run through puddles with my puppy. Days when I can sit on the couch and watch the drops hit our windows without worrying about making it somewhere on time in the weather. Days when I stop trying to be a mature adult and remember that it’s perfectly okay to race twigs in the gutter or get mud on my shorts.
It’s the days when I stop fighting and just appreciate the fact that I’m breathing…that I am lucky enough to be able to feel these sometimes unwelcome rain drops on my face and that I have a wonderful man playing in the rain by my side (metaphorically speaking).

Aforementioned Wonderful Man
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    so happy to have you! p.s. i added the picture of your hunk:)

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    I love the rain, after weeks we finally got a big storm yesterday =]

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    what a peaceful post, loved it. :)like your new blog header too!

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    i love this post 🙂 great picture of your guy!<3 steffySteffys Pros and Cons

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