The Big Reveal!

The bedroom is offically (pretty much) finished! I cannot believe it! More than 3 months after the Feef set out to renovate, he’s done and I couldn’t be prouder of the beautiful final product! Mike is so very talented, and believe it or not, he did ALL of the work with relatively ZERO help from me. Sure, I held things up here and there when he needed it, and I aided him with the installation of the doors and maybe painted for like 5 milliseconds. But other than that, (and the professionally installed carpet) Mike did it all.
On. His. Own.

And so, it is with great PRIDE, I present to you OUR NEW BEDROOM! 
Before – this room,

and this room,

were combined to make THIS ROOM, 
It says, “All because two people fell in love” above the bed. I applied this little vinyl phrase by myself and despite my best efforts (I used a dang level, y’all) it STILL came out crooked.

Is there anything better than newly vacuumed carpet?

The nook. And a Bella Dog.

And the closet:

And here’s a bonus picture of Buffalo being creepy…
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  1. Reply

    WOW!! The room looks amazing!! I too, am one despite whatever leveling I attempt to use hang *everything* crooked. You should be so proud, the whole thing is absolutely stunning!

    • CMae
    • August 11, 2011

    Still think the wording looks good! Your page is always so fun to come over to lol your header seems to change weekly!

  2. Reply

    love. love. love. it looks beautiful and all came together so well!! great job to both of you!

  3. Reply

    WOW! The Feef did a fabulous job! Y'all's room is so pretty! And if you hadn't mentioned that the words were crooked, no one would have noticed.. in fact, I still can't tell.

  4. Reply

    He did such a great job!!! That room looks amazing. And you did a great job decorating too šŸ™‚

  5. Reply

    i love it! and your new header as well.

  6. Reply

    How brilliant! I love the colors. He did an amazing job. I love the idea of that vinyl about the bed.

  7. Reply

    hahaha! Love buffalo under the bed! So cute! And this room is amazing! You guys (or he) did an AWESOME job! šŸ˜€

  8. Reply

    very good job! i especially love all your perfumes :)and your new header is awesome too!

  9. Reply

    looks so awesome! Great job!

  10. Reply

    Wow…great job.

  11. Reply

    WooooooooW beautiful! I WANT that closet!!! šŸ™‚

    • Alex
    • August 12, 2011

    Looks great and so does your blog!! Teach me your ways!

  12. Reply

    What a great transformation! I'm jelous of your closet!

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