Mens Wearhouse is synonymous with Hell

Or…”On Becoming Bridezilla”

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Men’s Wearhouse is LITERALLY the seventh circle of hell. (Violence) I wanted to punch someone in the arm the whole time we were there.

We got to the mall and I was already in a poor mood just because I’m a woman and can pick and choose my moods willy nilly. But anyway, my attitude was lousy and I really didn’t want to pick out the tuxes because I accidentally left my decision making machine back at the house.


I wanted the boys to wear black tuxedos and white shirts with ivory ties and vests. The accent color would come with the boutonniere. Something like this –

Nice, right? Simple and classy looking IN MY HUMBLE OPINION. But according to everyone else I was shopping with, a white shirt with an ivory vest and tie is a HUGE NO-NO. Oh yea? Well then how come I was so hard pressed to find a black tux, with ivory shirt, vest AND tie on Google? I think a crisp white shirt (with pleats) and ivory vest and tie looks just fine.

Alas, it’s not that simple, and despite my general apathetic “theme” so far with the wedding planning…turns out I DO have an opinion. But I can’t decide if I want certain things just so that I can say I actually want something, or if I actually do want something because I want it. Does that make sense?

Anyway, we were picking out ivory vests and black tuxedos and matching ties and the whole nine yards. Obviously the tux I had landed on was Calvin Klein and approximately 400K. Merrr…too expensive for Mike’s groomsmen I GUESS. So we chose the next best thing – essentially the same Tux, just in a cheaper/heavier fabric and slightly less polished looking. WHATEVER.

Now – with this ONE simple change, all of a sudden every decision I’d just gone MILES by making came crashing down around me.

Men’s Wearhouse Sucks Because:

1. The nice Tux is WAY TOO EXPENSIVE.
2. The people who work there will talk you in to things you don’t agree with.
3. If you don’t get the nice CK suit, you automatically can’t get the non-pleated pants, either. Because apparently people who rent cheap jackets shouldn’t be allowed to chose their pants style.
4. If you want to get an ivory shirt, you cannot get a pleated ivory shirt, (you know, the fancier looking kind with the folds on the front. Yea, those are called pleats). They only make the pleated shirts in WHITE. (which would be fine if we were getting the tuxes I wanted…cough cough.)
5. None of this makes sense to me. Why isn’t Mens Wearhouse essentially a Tuxedo Buffet? PICK AND CHOSE, MIX AND MATCH, IT’S MY WEDDING SO THE MEN SHOULD BE DRESSED EXACTLY THE WAY I WANT…RIGHT?

Whatever. We settled on a cheap tux with NON PLEATED ivory shirt and PLEATED pants because

BRB, Going to Bed Bath & Beyond to buy PAJAMA TUXEDOS. They make those, right?

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  1. Reply

    I feel your pain, every time Jared goes to Men's Warehouse they try to sell him some heinous brightly colored mess…I mean my husband is a financial advisor, not Willy Wonka. I'm sure your groomsmen will pull it off…plus, who cares what they look like, everyone will be looking at you 🙂

  2. Reply

    Oh my gosh, I had no idea it was like that! I totally thought it would be like David's Bridal but for men. Sounds like a total nightmare. 🙁

  3. Reply

    awww sorry it was so rough.

  4. Reply

    we had a terrible experience at Men's Warehouse too – thats why we just said F-it and had the guys wear black two button suits… do you still have time to change it to another tuxedo? Is there another Men's Warehouse in the area you can go to and see if they're more helpful?

    • Rach
    • August 11, 2011

    I always dream about planning my wedding someday, but I have a feeling once it happens I won't enjoy the planning aspect at all. I feel like I'm going to become one of those people who just wants to elope to vegas! My coworker is currently planning a wedding and she is super stressed out about every aspect of it. I don't think the ivory tie and vest with the white shirt looks weird at all. Hopefully your wedding dress shopping experience is much more positive than stupid men's warehouse-because your dress is what really matters. You will be a bangin' bride!p.s. I am loving all of your blog designs, do you do them yourself?

  5. Reply

    Pajama Tuxedos… hahaha! hilarious. I am so sorry that things were so difficult! Gr. No fun! I hope it all gets better soon!

  6. Reply

    oh my goodness i feel your pain. we did black with ivory as well. my friend had her husband and groomsmen buy these suits: they aren't that much more than renting one. plus they are cute. look a little funky in the picture but they are nice.

    • DD
    • December 29, 2012

    if you're planning a big wedding, it will probably be the biggest, most important day of you're entire life, so always get second & third opinions. i am in the fashion industry & personally i think ivory on white looks nice but many people do find ivory to appear dingey on a crisp white. criticism of your opinion is just another opinion, so take it with a grain of salt. unfortunately for mens wearhouse, that emplyee (who is really just another person) tried to push his/her opinion on you. his/her job is to guide those who are uncertain of what will look good on the individuals of your wedding party. sorry to hear about your bad experiwnce. 🙁

    • Anonymous
    • July 14, 2016

    Ivory on white? Ew. Anything but a traditional tuxedo is so tacky!

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