Lookaway Inn & Rosemary Hall

So, option #2 on Thursday was Lookaway Inn. I fell in love with it – it has everything that I wanted with the southern charm and antebellum feel. It’s old and falling apart at the seams but has SO MUCH CHARACTER. It’s also much too MUCH too much too small for our wedding’s needs, so it was quickly out-ruled as an option for the ceremony & reception.

We DID, however, decide that it’s perfect for two things. A) the rehearsal dinner and B) the wedding party hotel rooms. Seriously y’all, this place is GORGEOUS.

It’s actually TWO B&Bs directly across the street from each other, the Lookaway Inn and the Rosemary Inn. The Rosemary is the prettier of the two has indoor entry to the rooms. This is where the girls will stay. The Lookaway has courtyard entry to the rooms and will be for the boys. =)

The Rosemary:

The front porch

The entry way

Sitting room
beautiful bathroom
The Lookaway:
Dining room
One of the Lookaway’s bedrooms
The porch entry for one of the Lookaway’s bedroom.

The B&Bs are literally 4 blocks down the road from the municipal center, so they’re super convenient and I adore them. Plus, doing the rehearsal dinner there is going to be awesome, and we’ll be getting ready before the ceremony there so I’ll get my whimsical/southern/perfect pictures there AND at the wedding. =)

What happened with the Partridge was definitely meant to be.

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    Um… GORGEOUS!! I want to go there. Wow.

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    these places are gorgeous! So elegant and beautiful, especially with that touch of southern charm:) I love them!

  3. Reply

    perfect, we did the same thing and B&Bs are great for pictures/getting ready – such a personalized look/feel versus a hotel background!

  4. Reply

    Oh my gosh-so so so gorgeous!

  5. Reply

    So Stunning! It's seriously breathtaking! I love antebellum architecture

  6. Reply

    Your blog looks more awesome everytime I come. Congrats on your perfect locations! The pictures are beautiful! I cant wait to see the actual wedding ones 🙂

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