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First of all, I’m stupid. I was supposed to announce the results of my giveaway last week. My favorite world traveller, Jenni Austria Germany, is the winner! YAY! Hopefully they won’t disqualify the giveaway because I announced the winner late! OH NO! If they are nice, you’ll have your brochures by the end of August.

Mommy is coming in town today. For as much grief as I give her on a regular basis, I’d be lost without her, especially considering all of my mini-meltdowns as of late. We’re going to be scoping out some possible new wedding venues this weekend and I’M NOT STRESSING OUT ABOUT IT – here’s our tentative list:

(None of these images are mine – I’ve never been to these places before.
We found them on the interwebs)

Option A: The Julian Smith Casino in Augusta 
This place looks so sweet – I love the rock walls and arched windows coupled with the beamed ceiling. I thought it was very promising at first – but then the newly hired wedding planner told us that there is only a small room in the attic to get ready in. I also don’t think this place is well equipped to host both the ceremony AND the reception, which was my ultimate goal. I think if we can find a suitable date that they’re available – we’d get dressed & married in a church, then have the reception here. The wedding planner also said the bathrooms here aren’t so nice which is important to me. Don’t need to be getting old PEE on my dress, no thank you.

Option 2: Lookaway Inn
My mom happened upon this place somehow and fell in love with the man on the phone. I’ve never heard of it or seen it in person, but it looks promising.

Option 3: The North Augusta Municipal Center – Palmetto Terrace Ballroom
This place is probably my least favorite of the three, although it is probably the most convenient. It just seems like it lacks any sort of character – The outside is boring and I have a hard time envisioning it decorated/without the harsh fluorescent lighting. But it does have a large terrace that supposedly looks out over the city.

There is literally nowhere to get married in the CSRA. I don’t know how people do it

My MOH sent me an awesome 3 page document with ideas for venues so I’ll be considering some of those, too. She’s awesome. She spent so much time adding details and highlighting her favesies. And she’s in CALIFORNIA so she literally has NO IDEA what’s in the area.

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  1. Reply

    Oh my gosh that second option looks like it could be amazing! Perfect for a Southern wedding. I'm in love just based on the porch!! šŸ™‚

  2. Reply

    I love the 2nd, but whichever one you pick will be perfect!

  3. Reply

    Okay, every single one is gorgeous. I love the second too! Me and my FI want a southern wedding sooo badddd.

  4. Reply

    I'm team Augusta! šŸ™‚

    • Rach
    • August 5, 2011

    I like the 2nd option best! It's what I think of when I imagine a Southern mansion!

    • July
    • August 5, 2011

    Hi šŸ™‚ I just saw that you added my button to your blog – thank you!!! I've been meaning to comment (I'm a bad commenter, but read your blog everyday!). I am in the final stages of planning my wedding, and it's fun to read someone else's ideas/plans! I hope you are enjoying all the planning, and being engaged! It FLIES by!!!

  5. Reply

    I love the first set of pics. It's different and beautiful

  6. Reply

    So beautiful! The first one is my favorite.

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