Saturday Night Date Night

Two things:
I’m still looking for a few more lovely people to do the blog swap!

The last date night the Feef and I went on was to Trevinia, my new fave Italian restaurant chain. We went there again last night, but this time with a gift card! When I took Peyton’s pictures last month, I did it for free. Joe and Renee were thoughtful enough to get me a bottle of Riesling and a gift card to Trevinia as a “thank you.” They’re awesome.

So we went to Trevinia, then downtown for a quick stroll by street lamp, and then to see Transformers 3. I cried a couple of times…seriously – how can I get emotional about robots? Not even PMSing over here…
I just love Bee so much!

Enjoying some pre-date vino in the back yard! Thank you Joe and Renee! I don’t know why I’m posing so awkwardly…(And wth, why does our neighbor have a semi-truck parked in their driveway???)

Yummy yummy wine! AND fun fact, the skirt I’m wearing is another dress-turned-skirt project that I whipped up before we left last night. And the blue flower on my shirt is from the dress’ original neckline.

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  1. Reply

    LOVE your outfit!!!

  2. Reply

    so creative with the altering of your own clothes, I love it!

  3. Reply

    Ooh, cute outfit!! I love that you cried during Transformers 3. Totally something I would do! 🙂

    • Rach
    • August 3, 2011

    I love your outfit. and vino. a lot.

  4. Reply

    I love your outfit Anna!

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