The best burger Mike ever had

We made THE best dinner last night. Like…seriously. The best. We were sitting on the couch like vegetables, as per usual, when Mike decided to watch Man vs. Food. The guy went to Amarillo and ate this burger called the “Burger from Hell.” It looked SO delicious. Mike was like, “we could totally make that for dinner tonight.” So we did. Along with a side of cheese fries.
I grated the cheese (1/2 white cheddar and 1/2 monterey jack)
He chopped up some bacon for the fries we were going to make 
We put fresh pan seared jalapenos on the burger AND on the fries
(sliced for the burger, diced for the fries)
We cooked the burgers on the stove – Mike used a bowl to put over them so they could get steamy and evenly cooked. We added some serious seasoning (Slap Ya Mama cajun spice from NOLA, plus some special hot sauce for extra spice. He also cut the potato to make the fries.

 We put the cheese on top of the burgers and let it melt. Then we put it on a toasted & buttery bun.

Seriously. SO GOOD. We were so anxious to dig in we didn’t even plop down in front of Netflix like we usually do at dinner time. Mike said it was the best burger he ever remembers eating. I’m not even a very big burger person (I didn’t have my first burger until I was 19 years old), and I loved it. (Read: devoured it like my last meal on death row).

We’re going to make them again when my mom comes to town in August. I think Mike might have put a little bit of Mayo on his, but these were seriously so tasty on their own. And just the right amount of spicy, not the kind of spicy where you want to go dunk your face in a bucket of ice. You could actually taste the pepper and not just the burn.

The home made fries were pretty bangin’, too. We chopped up some chives to put on top with the bacon and cheeeeeze.
I made a cookie brownie dessert and we ate it with vanilla ice cream. Sure, it came out of a box but it was the perfect amount of sweet after our super savory din din.
Then I poured a glass of wine and we watched a rom-com. Best Sunday night ever? Affirmative.
Probably the most successful dinner we’ve ever made. 

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  1. Reply

    yum! everything looks so good from the burger and fries to the dessert and wine… I could use a glass of wine, too bad it's not even 10am!

  2. Reply

    It's 8 AM and now I'm craving a burger!

    • Gena
    • July 25, 2011

    Yummy!!! That is one of the perks of marrying Mike:) He does know how to cook. I love it!! The dessert looked scrumptious too:):)

    • Alex
    • July 25, 2011

    AHH that looks insanely awesome. I would kill for some jalapenos right now. And you betcha I've seen that episode of M v. F before.

  3. Reply

    Wow!! That looks amazing! I kinda want it for breakfast…

  4. Reply

    That looks delicious.. im hungry now.

  5. Reply

    umm so can you come over to California and make all of this for me please???

  6. Reply

    absolutely DROOLING. I can't even take it. Everything looks SO MF good!Man v Food is one of my favorite shows! I always end the show with a craving.

    • Anonymous
    • July 25, 2011

    absolutely DROOLING. I can't even take it. Everything looks SO MF good!Man v Food is one of my favorite shows! I always end the show with a craving.

  7. Reply

    Um, ya… drooling for real.

  8. Reply

    Oh man… blog community dinner at your house? We can eat in the new shed?

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