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Exactly 3 months ago, we got engaged. =)

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Mike was working last night for some LAME reason, so I decided, instead of planting my happy rear-end on the couch and watching Netflix all night, that I’d be CRAFTY. I started with a trip to Hobby Lobby to scope out some possible wedding supplies. That was a bust. Then I remembered a mason jar project I’d seen on Pinterest many months ago. I decided to give it a try so I wandered over to the mason jar aisle. HOLY MOLY – they were 50% off! This just reaffirmed my undying love for Hobby Lobby. I scooped up 5 of them and headed for the wood-craft section. I snatched 5 wooden panels for 99 cents each. Then I picked out some nice flowers for 6 bucks. Those ended up being half-off, too. I found some wire picture hanger and lastly a can of white spray paint (which ended up being the most pricey parts of my purchase).

This is the end result –

That’s what it ended up looking like. I added some peach colored glass beads that I had lying around the house. They’re not really brown. I don’t know why it looks like that, =(.

Step 1: Lay out your stuff!

 Step 2: Drill your hole. This is how you will secure the mason jar to the panel using the hanging wire.

 Step 3: PAINT. I only did one coat. I say because I wanted an antique/weathered look, but mainly because I’m lazy and impatient.

 Step 4: Throw away the lid that comes with the mason jar. Or keep it to use as a miniature frisby. Your choice. Wrap a piece of hanging wire around the bottom lip of the jar. Then, thread the two ends through your hole. Secure in the back with an ugly, wannabe, wire bow.

 Step 5: Cut a piece of ribbon for hanging purposes. I cut 5 pieces because I made 5 hanging jars.

Step 6: YOU’RE DONE! (Well, after you hang it, obvi).

TA-DA. I hung one of mine on our ever-growing frame wall. Adds dimension. (P.S. I hate that I can never get a decently lit photo of the frame wall. Cryfest.)

Anyway, moral of the story is HOBBY LOBBY ROCKS. I never would have done this project had they not been having one of their awesome sales. Normal price, for all of my supplies, would have been about $40. I spent less than $20! And I made 5 super cute hanging mason jars! YAY.

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    • Gena
    • July 20, 2011

    OMG!! THAT IS SOOOOO CUTE!! You should make me one to put in my house somewhere and I'll pay your for it! I need your creative talent in my life:))

  1. Reply

    wow! I've never seen that done before and I LOVE it! It adds such character to any wall display:) Thanks for posting this D.i.y.!

  2. Reply

    i love this it's so cute and easy!xo danathewonderforest.com

  3. Reply

    That is SO Cute! What a great idea.I'm also a Phi Mu. Glad I came across your blog!

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