Gena’s Birthday

Mike’s big sister Gena turned 21 *see footnote* on Saturday, so we celebrated with the family in Augusta that evening. We ate dinner at the Boll Weevil Cafe – apparently one of Paula Dean’s faves. My salad was sub-par and the fried green tomatoes didn’t exactly throw a party in my mouth, although Gena said her shrimp and grits were scrumptious and the spinach dip got good reviews from the table. I’m glad I didn’t show up with a hearty appetite. I also didn’t appreciate the typo on their menu.

What’s a chocolate chipe?

 It was good company, though, and the dessert was definitely the high point. OH MY GOSH Y’ALL. Cake slices the size of your torso! NOM NOM NOM.

Photo by Mike

 I love Jamison. Seriously. He’s like the only child in the history of children that I haven’t been afraid of.

Photo by Shonn

 *swoon*  I hope our kids look like the Feef.

 Sunset over the Savannah.

I’d definitely go back to the Boll Weevil for dessert if nothing else.

*A real lady never reveals her age. Or is it weight? Either way. NOT TELLING.

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    Oh my goodness! Those desserts look delicious!!! And the pictures make them look so desirable!!

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    What's a chocolate cooke crust? Loll!! Amazing.Regardless! It looks like you had a wonderful time! I love that brown jacket too!

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    That may be the first photo I've ever seen of you holding a child and smiling! It's sweet…and reaaaly spooky!! hahahahahaahhajust kidding…you look so happy and so ya aunt donna

  4. that cake is making my hungry stomach very mad at you!

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