Our House [vol. X]

This might be my worst post ever. Or most random.

Last night I braved a never-ending onslaught of mosquitos and helped Mike build the shed. We made good progress – we got the four corners put together and two of the walls up. Here’s the proof that I did in fact help. My face looks dumb so I opted for a glamorous black oval.

Mosquito bite AKA I need to amputate my ankle now.
And now here is proof that I have a face and uncontrollable hair. 
And here is a picture of me and Buffalo on the couch with neck rolls.
Tags: Home Redecoration

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    1. Love that your cat's name is buffalo!2. I love your crazy hair and wish I had hair like that.3. black ovals can be very glamorous.4. That's a mosquito bite?!?!?!

  2. HAHAHA I love that you blacked out your face..that is TOO funny! Ahhhh your mosquito bite looks painful!

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    you are so pretty 🙂 i also love your crazy hair! and ew at the mosquito bite!!xo danathewonderforest.com

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    That's a mostquito bite? Oh man, that's bad!

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