Our House [vol.VIII]

We painted the closet! And by we I mean the Feef painted the closet. I’m actually pretty worthless when it comes to hard labor. I know. You don’t believe me.

Anyway, my adoring man slaved away and painted the closet on Friday. The whimsical shade of green that we picked out is also going on 3 of the 4 bedroom walls. A complimentary shade of darker green is going on the other.

If we’re as ambitious as I’m hoping we’re going to be, the closet should be DONE by this evening. We’re going to pick out the hardware this morning and hopefully have everything hung. Clearly I plan on being a HUGE help to Mike. =)

There’s not a lot of verisimilitude in these pics considering the color doesn’t show up nearly as DREAMY as it looks in real life. I can’t wait to paint the room this color too!

Tags: Home Redecoration

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    Well, you took great pictures, even if you didn't paint too much.

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    I love the green, I think I know what it really looks like. Keep posting your projects! And how does your blog always look so dang good?

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