For some reason, I just can’t wake up today, therefore instead of an interesting post, you get a weekend recap.

It was a great/busy/why do I always over eat type of weekend. Friday after Mike got home from work we packed up the car and drove out to the lake. We camped for the night, floated all day on Saturday, and then drove home. There was a pretty good group of us there. All I had was a crappy disposable camera. Here’s a sampling of our Saturday –

 The Feef in his tube drinking his Amber Boch. Yick. My taste buds don’t appreciate dark beer.
 Gearing up for a long day, 
The water is really not as gross as it looks in this picture…lol
Bella girl
Sunday we drove up to Hendersonville, NC to celebrate Mike’s grandmother’s 89th birthday with some of his family.
 Opening a gift
 Mike and Me with the birthday girl
 The family
 We’re cool. We take pictures in the car. BUCKLE UP.
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    • Rach
    • June 30, 2011

    Ah I miss floating the river. We used to go all the time in college, but now no river here 🙁 And I want your bathing suit! 

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    What fun! lake days are so much fun!89 and going strong, huh? Such sweet memories!

  2. Reply

    Floating on the river looks so fun!! And WOW 89?? Happy Birthday to Mikes grandma!! Looks like you had a wonderful weekend, and I hope you have a great week ahead!!

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