Daily Dose of Obesity

Have you ever worked really hard at spin class and then decided to eat back the 500 calories you burned AND THEN SOME? I have. So I decided to take 10 years off my life and make this delicious CHEESEY BREAD BOWL.

 First, mix together 3 cups of a cheese of your choice. I used white cheddar, smoked yellow cheddar, and monterey jack. Add 1 cup of mayo and mix together in a bowl.

 Make a bowl out of a loaf of sourdough bread.

Pour the cheesey mixture into the bowl, wrap it in foil, and STICK THAT SUCKER IN THE OVEN.

Bake it for an hour, and TA DA! Melty goodness GUARANTEED TO SUBSTANTIALLY SHORTEN YOUR LIFE. (I also added some red, green, and yellow peppers to make myself feel better.)

Take the bread from the inside of the loaf and tear it into pieces. Brush some butter on it and pop it in the oven after you take the bowl out. Let them get a little crispy, and then you’re ready to NOM NOM NOM.

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    I am calling my cardiologist now.  Looks soooo good

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    I am dyyyyying for this! Yum! xo

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    Haha, thank you! I love yours, too. Your newest puppy is just the cutest thing ever! 

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    Three kinds of cheese?! Good Golly Miss Molly.

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    I just noticed that you found me and followed me and when I came over to look at your blog I pretty much stayed on it for the past 30 minutes reading! haha! I've gotten so horrible at finding new blog friends, but I'm so glad you followed me because I love your blog!! I went as far back as your engagement (so precious by the way) (and beautiful ring!!) and I will have to go back farther and read once I get done studying!I think I may make you my new inspiration for getting in shape. Maybe I'll start running and not going to spin classes ;)Have a great week!! Molly @ View from a Saddle

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    I hate when that happens! And when you come home and seem even more hungry from working out than when you left! AHHH never ending vicious cycle! 

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