Spin round two

So, before I start my rant about spin class, here’s a picture of Buffalo enjoying a nap on Kelsey’s tummy.
 Buffalo is so intense. 
And we discovered that Bella does not enjoy eating popcorn, but instead likes hoarding it.
SO today was my second spin class. I went ahead and bought a padded bike seat at Wal-Mart for $20 and HOLY MOLY it made a difference. Myy TOOSHIE was still tender when I was in the cradle (that’s what it’s called when you sit down on the bike seat). Apparently “sit down” is much more difficult terminology than “slide back in the cradle.” 
Before we started class, Belinda welcomed another new student to the IBC. Everyone else laughed. I, apparently, was not a part of this inside joke. Belinda explained it to the other new lady as “Indoor Barf Club.” HAHAHAHA SO GLAD I’M HERE YAYSIES. WTF. 
Today we did intervals. We did a steady climb for the first 30 minutes and then had a recovery period. The last 9 minutes of the class were hellacious. She broke us in to teams and we took turns pedaling as fast as we could with as much resistance as we could for 30 seconds. It was HARD but I did it. Then Mike and I made TACOS and I had FOUR. That’s right. FOUR. I’m not ashamed. 
Me with my patootie protector! 
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    I'm so glad you're giving spinning a try!  I LOVE spin classes – my legs and butt look so good when I do it consistently. 😉  I can't wait to join a new gym that offers these classes again.  I miss it (but not the tender lady parts!).xo

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