Bye bye, BFF

Kelsey’s visit to Aiken is over and it was far too short. Yesterday we spent several hours drifting down the Savannah in our inflatable reclining rafts with Mike. We even saw a gator swimming less than 100 yds away from us. I was officially a lobster when we got home. It’s seriously one of the most painful sunburns I’ve ever had. The it hurts to bend my knees, can’t stand the thought of anything touching my skin, WHY IS THE AIR SO WARM and WHY ARE MY SHEETS MADE OF SANDPAPER type of sun burn.

Ok, I might be waxing dramatic. It’s really only my legs, which is weird. I’ve never had a leg sun burn before. Mike’s is worse. I have naturally darker skin so burning is a rarity and virtually a nonissue. His entire torso, legs, and arms are all toasted. It literally hurt him to lay in bed last night. I lathered him up in Aloe gel when we got home and again before we went to sleep, but he was still in a lot of pain. GOOGLE to the rescue. I looked up sun burn remedies and one of the more popular and less ODD sounding solution was to spray the body down with apple cider vinegar. And what do you know, we had some! I stuck him in the shower and spritzed him with vinegar. It seemed to help, so I sprayed my legs, too. It definitely made the burning subside and made falling asleep much easier.

I feel TERRIBLE because his burn is all my fault. He asked me if I had sunscreen when we left the house, and I did! But when we got to the river, I’d forgotten to put it in the car. Woops.

Me and Kels after 6 hours on the river and a windy ride in Mike’s Jeep.

Despite the painful aftermath, it was a GREAT way to spend the memorial day holiday.

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  1. your swimmy bottoms are so cute!

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