Our House [vol. III]

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We were busy little bees today! The ever so patient Feef and I went through a whole lot of stuff in one of the spare rooms and took it to our storage unit. We emptied out one room entirely, save for some necessary sheriffy stuff that Mike isn’t allowed to part with, and also some things that used to belong to his father.

And nooooow….

We have a guest room! YAY! 
This is what it looked like before…
My mom brought down this mirror as per my request, and after changing it’s location once or twice, I settled on this nice little set up one day during the week while Mike was at work.
I wuv it! 
And finally, I moved a bookshelf from the spare room out to the hallway because with the desk, bed, and night stand, there wasn’t enough room in the guest room.
Old picture of Mike with his friends and one of the two of us, plus some of Mike’s cigar boxes, random books, and candles. Yay.
Kind of a lame post. All my furniture from Tallahassee is coming tomorrow, so after a whirlwind weekend of reorganizing and decorating, I’ll probably have a few more house related post within the next week.
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     aw, I love the mirror!

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    You've done a great job.  Your place looks great   

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    It looks great!  I love that it's now combining the two of you together instead of being just your style or just his.  I think you did a great job with that on the book case especially. :)xo,Stephanie (Big Mario) 

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     it looks amazing!<3 steffySteffys Pros and Cons

  5.  WOAH. Can I stay over in that room?? It's lovely! 🙂

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