One Year

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So the Feef and I have officially been an item for ONE YEAR today. I celebrated all day long by sitting on my butt and playing Mario Kart. When Mike got home, he had a bouquet of Daisies (my fave) and a big smooch for me.

He suggested Mexican for dinner (because he knows me) and we proceeded to gorge ourselves on all of the usual Mexican food staples…QUESO DIP, salsa, Mike had a beer and I had a Margaritaaaaa. It was the first time since we’ve been back from Wyoming that I’ve worn anything other than PJs and work out clothes or put on make-up. Quite the accomplishment!

I was happy about my margarita at first…
But after dinner I realized my eyes might’ve been bigger than my stomach…
Buffalo doing cat things by the window…
Making his WHY ME face.
I hope everyone had a delightful Tuesday. My mom gets in town tonight! And I might post some wedding planning stuff tomorrow =) 


Compulsive snacker. Bleeding heart. Unhealthy obsession with Tom Hanks and cats. Florida State and Syracuse University alum.

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  1.  What a great way to celebrate one year! You two are a really cute couple! Hope there are many more years to come for you two!! 😉

  2. mmmmmmmmm.mexican is amazing.and let's talk about how cute that kitty is!!♥elisabeth 

  3.  Congratulations! You both look gorgeous in the pictures.

  4. Aww, your kitty is too cute! And that Margarita is making me crave happy hour right away!♥ 

  5. Happy 1 Year! Mexican food at least once a week for me, is my heaven! Haha, my eyes are always bigger than my stomach too:-) xoxo

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